I was first introduced to instructional technology while an undergraduate student at Howard University. It was junior year in the School of Communications and we were taking a class called Introduction to New Communications Technology taught by sista Professor.  Marian Hayes Hull…….I wonder if she will ever know the impact her class had on me……

My friends sometimes would laugh at me because I took the messages of Dr. Hull’s class so seriously, she said, “Get to know the technology; it will be the wave of the future.” I was mesmerized by this woman’s passion, intellect and true diva style on a weekly basis for months. She was an awesome teacher. Continue Reading

Well, family the time has come. I am really a grandparent! LMBO   Well, not actually, my brother is Pop, but with the birth of my niece’s son in May of this year, I have now joined the official ranks of our family elders; watching our children raise their children.  As I write this, Nia and I are on a journey to meet Little Q and catch up with the rest of the family out west!  You know me, (smile) I’m always thinking about educational media and technology and kids, so Continue Reading

Friendly Reminder: Internet Safety for Kids

Well Family, it’s that time of year again! Time to wind up the school year and gear up for summer!  As we seek out summer time activities that will keep our kids busy and engaged, I thought it would be a good time to remind everyone on the importance of keeping our children safe while in cyberspace. Whether your child is emailing, blogging, chatting, and profiling in all the social networks, it’s important to remember that kids are the most vulnerable when it comes to predators of all types on the internet. Be vigilant and active! Following are some tips for internet safety Continue Reading

Child using technology

(Original posting February, 2010)

Hello Family

I was on Twitter recently and I saw a tweet where someone asked the question, “Can social media be blamed for the lowering of achievement scores in today’s youth, especially in communities of color”?

I thought for a minute, I figured that most people would believe that although social media may not be helping the cause, it’s pretty much the prevailing view that the causes of  lower achievement scores among today’s youth in communities of color, was in existence long before social media and other new technologies of communication came into existence.

We know that social media is a widely used form of communication and entertainment for youth. Most kids have accounts at many of the major social media sites including Face Book, MySpace, Digg, Twitter and Reddit.  We also know many teachers, parents, mentors and community leaders have profiles on these same social media sites. Some of us use our accounts to teach and inform our youth, while others of us do not.

So then I went on Face Book to catch up with some friends. Continue Reading

Original Posting
March 15, 2009

As I write this I give humble appreciation to another honored teacher, Professor Henri Edmonds,  HU College of Fine Arts, who transitioned in the Spring 0f 2009, and to my teacher, I love you Professor Edmonds. …. AMEN

Hello Family,

Just want to remind everyone to continue their advocacy for the increased funding of arts education programs in our schools and community based organizations. Continue Reading

Hello Family

President Barack Obama

Check this out…. a little political humor.  We have had a hard day today…. time to relax and reflect….


Click here to see the funniest thing

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Monday, March 17, 2008

In Memoriam: Dr. Dennis Pett

It is fitting that I begin this journey by paying homage to my teacher and mentor, Dr. Dennis Pett; an Indiana University professor for over 30 years and icon in the educational technology industry.

Dr Pett’s pioneering work in the areas of visual literacy; the uses of audio-visual materials in education and instructional television has long been held as a standard of excellence by educational technologist across the country. Continue Reading

by Maya Angelou

Continue Reading

Hello Family: Celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month

I just came back from a drive back home.Point State Park, downtown Pittsburgh

For those of you who know me,  that means through  the Allegheny Mountains of western Maryland and Pennsylvania; to Pittsburgh PA, or as we natives like to call it, “The Burg!” The ride was cool; Nia and I enjoyed traveling through the tunnels. It’s a nice trip in the springtime.  With my brother, we took a ride to our old neighborhood The Hill District, not far from Oakland; which is where the University of Pittsburgh is.  While up on The Hill, we took Nia to show her the places where funny family stories actually took place.  (smile)

In honor of Jazz Appreciation Month, I began thinking about the rich history the Hill District plays in the national landscape of jazz music and the Pittsburgh black arts scene in general. Continue Reading

It’s March again! I love the spring. It’s my favorite time of the year. Everything turns green. Time for rebirth and second chances.   Since, a little bit part of me is Irish; I want to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  May the luck of the Irish help you find that pot of gold…. you know the rest LOL Continue Reading


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