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I was recently at a start of the school year Kick Off event hosted by my local chapter of the NAACP. Nia reluctantly came with me. I made her come, mainly because I didn’t want to leave her in the house alone, but of course I spun it into “Nia, you have to come because you’ve got to start building your professional network and this is a great place to start!” ….. (Always the teacher… LOL)

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African-American-students-in-a-classroom-ShutterstockIn my last post I talked about ways in which parents can encourage their kids’ development of STEM skills by helping them to see how STEM is interwoven into almost every industry and occupation today. As I explained, I took my daughter on a field trip of sorts, to help her see STEM at work in the television and film industry I appreciate all the positive feedback and encouragement I received from that posting! So, I decided to stay on this topic for a while longer so that we can delve into it a little deeper.

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ImageEarlier this year, my daughter and I took a trip to Los Angeles, CA during Spring Break. It was her first trip to the entertainment capital of the country, so I was excited to see her reaction to her new journey. Of course, her main goal was to meet as many celebrities as she could and get insider information on how to become a rich and famous actress! Yes, she has stars in her eyes and dreams of one day walking the red carpet to receive the acclaimed Academy Award, maybe even by starring in a movie similar to her current pre-teen obsession, Teen Beach Movie … Oh… You should see her; she day dreams for hours… LOL Continue Reading

MH900400027A few weeks ago I was at a school district wide meeting where teachers and parents came together for some frank conversation. A group of teachers representing multiple grade levels and subject matters presented to us (parents) a Teachers’ Wish List… It was the top 10 things teachers wished more parents would do at home to support their (the teachers’) efforts in the classroom. Now of course, standard things like checking homework folders daily, reading to your child and/or making them read every day and getting involved in school activities were among the things wished for. However one big wish Continue Reading

Ask yourself the question… What is the goal of education? Is it to gain specific knowledge and skills in order to get a good job or start aMH900439573 business? Is it to learn how be social and civic minded so that you can make the world a better place? What about this one; education’s goal is to teach people essential interpersonal skills and tolerance so that they can form successful relationships with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures. Or maybe, it’s more simplistic than that.  Maybe, the goal of education is simply to help people attain their goals and realize their dreams. Continue Reading

Hey there … How is everyone? Have you settled down from all the celebration of President Barack Obama being elected to a second term?  I haven’t.  I am still elated, full of hope, promise and looking forward to the next four years…. Ok, I know it’s a bit corny… (Ya’ll know me by now, LOL) but do take a minute to rejoice with me…. Click to Celebrate!
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Hello Family!

Very briefly…. I prepared this document for Nia’s school and decided to post it on my blog in the event that there are any teachers, parents or administrators out there who need a quick and last minute resource to begin their Black History Month celebrations tomorrow!  It’s a “On This Day in Black History…” and gives an important fact for each day of the month… Continue Reading

Hello Family,

I hope all is well in the new year for everyone….

During last summer while attending the SOS Conference and March, I had the pleasure of meeting Ruby Veridiano; Lit Corps and Social Media Ambassador for an organization called Lit World.  She was a featured speaker at a conference session I attended on education and it’s role in world literacy. I felt an instant connection with Ruby. Her warm and personable demeanor made it very easy for me to engage in conversations going on during our conference session. I admired her passion and drive as she discussed her role in Girls LitClubs in NYC. I was just really impressed with her and the organization she represents. (oh, and not to mention; too, she told me she is a native of one of my favorite cities on the west coast (shout out to Oakland, CA) (smile)  Anyway, Ruby and I became instant friends…. Continue Reading

OK I know it’s the holiday season and everyone is supposed to be of good cheer, but again, I got frustrated and had to get this off my chest. I’ve been so busy lately that I am just now getting to sit down to write about it…

 A few weeks ago, I was in the library doing some work. As I was working, an interaction between a teacher and student caught my attention. The teacher was going over incomplete assignments the student had to finish before the end of the semester.  She points out what he had to do and tells him to sit at a table and get started; she was getting ready to give him an exam after that…

 I had to ask

 I made eye contact with the teacher and smiled. She smiled back and we started to talk. Continue Reading

It’s a moment all parents face…. and a few days ago I faced it for the first time… Nia comes home from school and begins telling me about all of her friends who are on Facebook! “Uh oh, here we go,” I said to myself.  Then came… THE QUESTION… “Mommy, can I have a Facebook account?” Continue Reading

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