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This is part of a reading assignment I was given while taking an  “Introduction to Instructional Technology” class during my graduate school program at Indiana University in Bloomington…. First day of class…. first reading assignment….. first class about the “history of educational technology…..first paragraph…… Continue Reading

OK I know it’s the holiday season and everyone is supposed to be of good cheer, but again, I got frustrated and had to get this off my chest. I’ve been so busy lately that I am just now getting to sit down to write about it…

 A few weeks ago, I was in the library doing some work. As I was working, an interaction between a teacher and student caught my attention. The teacher was going over incomplete assignments the student had to finish before the end of the semester.  She points out what he had to do and tells him to sit at a table and get started; she was getting ready to give him an exam after that…

 I had to ask

 I made eye contact with the teacher and smiled. She smiled back and we started to talk. Continue Reading

It’s a moment all parents face…. and a few days ago I faced it for the first time… Nia comes home from school and begins telling me about all of her friends who are on Facebook! “Uh oh, here we go,” I said to myself.  Then came… THE QUESTION… “Mommy, can I have a Facebook account?” Continue Reading


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